Fishing Report for Dullstroom Dams

Joomla! LogoThe Dullstroom caravan park has two large dams(municipal dams) that are open to the public for fly fishing. Over the past few years both the dams have been managed well and this has resulted in consistently good fishing.

Conditions- Water and Weather

With spring officially over, Dullstroom is in need of some heavy summer rains to fill the streams and stillwaters. The water levels at the dams were low and water temperatures high at 17°C, but the water was crystal clear and inviting. The weather was bright, sunny and warm with a slight breeze.

Activity – Insects and Fish

There was some surface activity from rainbow trout early in the morning before sunrise, but after the sun was up over the mountain there was very little activity on the surface, until late in the day, early evening when some activity started to happen again.

There were no visibly big hatches during the day, but as most of you will know, summer time results in a lot of damsel and dragon fly larvae in stillwater systems. It is during this time that the trout cruise near weed beds in anticipation of these hatches.


The fishing in the two dullstroom dams was superb. Small adjustments in tactics throughout the day resulted in a number of fish being caught. The biggest trout landed was in the bottom dam, on the far side below the mountain. The cock fish was over 3 kgs and was taken on a red eyed damsel, near a weed bed, around 11 am. The top dam produced the most fish, although the majority of these trout where stock size.

Early morning produced the most fish using a floating line with a long leader of about 9ft retrieving small flies like PTNs and Zaks. As the day warmed up and throughout the afternoon flies like, red eyed damsels, olive lake dragons, wooly buggers on a similar set up produced fish, including the large cock fish.

Rainbow trout

Some Quick Tips

1. Observe the water for a few minutes before you start fishing. Fish are often active in the shallows patrolling the edges for food. If you start off with a long cast you will more than likely spook them.

2. A lot of trout hit the fly very close to the bank, so make sure that you do not pull the line from the water until you have retrieved the fly close enough to see it.

Remember practice catch and release.